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BigPockets is a clothing line designed by birdwatchers and made in America. Our outdoor garments are machine washable and made with quiet fabrics for outdoor conditions that require garments that are waterproof, windproof, breathable, moisture wicking, and/or have UV coating. Always lightweight and easy to carry in a backpack, suitcase, or elsewhere, BigPockets clothing is perfect for travel and layering. Other features include padded shoulders, D-rings, ventilation, numerous small and big pockets, including security, water-bottle, field-guide, binocular, camera, lens, and gear pockets, which can be used for a variety of other purposes. BigPockets also carries products for washing waterproof and breathable fabrics, including Gortex.
Our goal is for you, our customer, to comfortably enjoy nature and wildlife. We have added alongside our clothing line binocular harnesses and strap, softwraps, folding chairs for the trail, bags/packs, walking staff, umbrella, shirts, hat, money belt, and travel underwear. Check out our bird-design products/gifts: T-shirts, belts, and hat.

BigPockets Field Pro 10x
BigPockets Field Pro
BigPockets Anorak

BigPockets Equatorial Vest
BigPockets Tropical Vest

BigPockets Panama Shirt

Warblers T-Shirt
Kingfishers of the World T-Shirt
Jocotoco Antpitta T-Shirt
"Life is Simple: Eat. Sleep. Bird." T-Shirt
Advice From An Owl T-Shirt
American Golden-Plover Hatching T-Shirt
Birds of the Sage & Prairie T-Shirt

BigPockets Rough & Ready Shorts

Field Hat
Tilley Mesh Hat

Binoculars Zipper Pull

Packable Waterproof Boots
Pack Seat
Quick-E Seat
Totes Umbrella
Original Pa'jaro®
Grande Pa'jaro®
Travel Staff

Binocular Harness
Binocular Strap
Softwraps Lens Wraps

Sue Shane Notecards
Nikwax Fabric Care
Assorted T-Shirts

BigPockets Equatorial Field Vest

BigPockets Equatorial Field Vest

Tilley Travel Underclothes

Notecards by Sue Shane

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